With two school-age kids, this seemed inevitable:

COVID rapid test showing a positive result

All things considered, my symptoms aren’t too bad, which I’m grateful for. Nonetheless, I’ve mostly been in bed for a couple of days to properly recover.

Since I’ve been monitoring my Readiness To Train (RTT) score, I was curious to see how COVID would appear in the metrics.

Thursday morning was the first indication that something was wrong. I completed what felt like a reasonably strong swim workout, only to suddenly feel really drained of energy while walking home from the pool.

Apple Watch screenshot showing RTT trending down and in yellow

After dragging myself home, we found out my son’s friend had tested positive. So, both he and I took a rapid test that confirmed we were infected.

Thursday night was peak symptoms for me, producing an abysmal RTT.

Apple Watch screenshot showing RTT very low and in red

All morning in bed on Friday helped a lot and then a much better sleep last night layered improvement on top.

Today’s RTT seems rather optimistic to me though. My planned intensity included a two hour bike ride and 20k run. Those are not happening! Today’s planned intensity will be watching the season finale of Severance in my pyjamas.

Apple Watch screenshot showing RTT trending up and in green

My experience with RTT is that it typically reinforces how I actually feel with, perhaps, the occasional early warning. Basically a second opinion that reinforces my intuition. But when we disagree, like now, I’m definitely following how I feel.