Various Contrivances

Day 22: Insect

Moth pollinating a canola flower

Day 21: Tiny

Baby’s hand gripping an adult’s thumb

Day 20: Houseplant

Top down view of a succulent plant

Day 19: Analog

Close up of an acoustic guitar

📺 Servant (2019) - ★★★☆☆

A good show. Relies pretty heavily on creepy mood, rather than plot, and dark humour.

Servant poster

Finished reading: The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul is full of great content. I was much more cerebral in my youth and have been externalizing thought much more productively recently. This book helps confirm the approach and adds new techniques 📚

Day 18: Portico

Front porch with pillars

Day 17: Early

Cyclists riding towards an orange sunrise

Day 16: Road Curved road with morning mist

Day 15: Patience

Toddler having a tantrum

Day 14: Horizon

Day 13: Connection

Residential circuit breaker with a maze of wires

Finished reading: The Last Druid by Terry Brooks. I’ll confess to reading this only to finish off the entire Shannara collection. This is the fourth book in the The Fall of Shannara series and much better than the middle two, which seemed far too rote. The original series is still my favourite, though I also quite liked The Genesis of Shannara trilogy. 📚

🎵 Citizen of Glass - Agnes Obel - ★★★★☆

Haunted by faeries

Citizen of Glass - Agnes Obel poster

Day 12: Shiny

People in front of the Chicago bean with reflections

Day 11: Gimcrack

Disheveled trophy case with an under construction sign

Day 10: Ritual

Making coffee with an Aeropress

Day 9: Together

Family gathered together for a group photo

Day 8: Walk

Two women walking against strong winds

Day 7: Whole

Two whole loaves of cheese bread

Day 6: Engineering

Bridge over ravine with sun behind

Time for a refill 🥃

Empty bottle of Jura 12 year old whiskey

Day 5: Tile

White bathroom tile with texture

Day 4: Zip

Zip line rope course in trees

Day 3: Solitude

An empty path through the snow with street lights