🍿 I enjoyed Fathom (2021), a documentary about attempts to communicate with whales. Pairs well with Fathoms by Rebecca Giggs

Fathom poster

Day 30: Treasure

Girl and boy (siblings) hugging and looking at the camera

Day 29: Contrast

Fireworks on the left with CN Tower light up on the right against a dark sky. Taken from the lake with reflections on the water

Day 28: Workout

30 lbs kettle bell

In Search of Lost Time, by Tom Vanderbilt is delightful

Yet the more precisely time is measured, the less it starts to feel like time at all.

πŸš‚ Importance of Transportation Funding: Framing the Issues

Discussions about transit often end up about funding. To help make these discussions productive, I was pleased to co-author a paper through the Transportation Association of Canada titled Importance of Transportation Funding: Framing the Issues. Working on this with David Kriger, Nick Lovett, Yonghai Xiao, Vahid Ayan, Andrew Devlin, Tamim Raad, and Haytham Sadeq was delightful. Here’s the abstract: Transportation funding is becoming an important topic of discussion at all levels of Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) councils and committees, reflecting discussions that are taking place throughout the Canadian transportation community.

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This didn’t last long. When using Apple Podcasts to listen to Apple Music radio, you don’t see album art and can’t easily add music to your library. Discovery is my main use case. So, though I like the idea of this integration, in practice it doesn’t suit my needs 🎡

Day 27: Embrace

Black lab looking at the camera while wrapped in a hug by a kid

Switching podcast apps, again 🎧

As predicted, after a couple of months with the Apple Podcasts app, I’m back to Overcast. I think that Apple’s Podcasts app is great for anyone new to podcasts, given it has a strong focus on discovering new shows. I’m looking for a podcast app that simply plays my carefully curated, short list of podcasts. With Apple Podcasts, I kept finding new episodes of shows I didn’t intend to subscribe to in my queue.

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Day 26: Beverage

Holding a large Starbucks coffee

Day 25: Flare

Kid jumping for a frisbee with bright sun flare behind

Day 24: Belt

An excavator with belts for wheels

Finished reading: The Rationalist’s Guide to the Galaxy by Tom Chivers is an entertaining and interesting book about AI risks and the Rationalists that worry about them πŸ“š

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Starting to see the Fall colour changes on today’s run. Powered by PUP and Rage Against the Machine

One tree with bright orange and red leaves along a trail

Starting Fall with a pumpkin ale from Lake of Bays brewery

Pint glass full of beer beside the empty can from Lake of Bays

Day 23: A day in the life. Enjoying the nice Fall weather outside with a good book

Holding a Kobo ereader with Neal Stephenson’s Termination Shock as the cover image

Day 22: Road

A cottage road turning a corner with bright sun up and to the right

πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ Likely the last ride of the season with this crew. Getting too dark! Unfortunately we had to end early, thanks to a flat tire.

Crew of cyclist near a lake with the sunrise behind. Ride stats are overlaid: 22.39km 1hr10min

Sunrises are a nice benefit of getting up early

Orange sunrise over a beach

Day 21: Fall

A tree with bright red leaves on a residential street