The face you make when you’re dealt 23 damage in one round

A good day for board games

I’ve found the Eno’s new album Mixing Colours really helpful while working from home under quarantine with the rest of my family. 🎧

I enjoyed Star Trek Picard. A fun mix of nostalgia, new characters, and interesting story. Plus Patrick Stewart really is a great actor. I’m glad they had a chance to complete Data’s story, after the abrupt ending in Nemesis. 📺

2 kg of coffee should keep me going in quarantine for a while ☕️

A sentence I never expected to write: A big thank you to my sister for delivering much needed toilet paper while I was in quarantine. A messy emergency was approaching 😬

A hopeful sight in the backyard

A big thank you to One Academy for live-streaming exercise classes. Definitely helping my mental health, as I continue to be quarantined in a small rental house.

Our hastily constructed office in the rental house is working out okay. Mine is on the left. Fortunately I can perform almost all of my work with an iPad. Simultaneous conference calls are a bit tricky and one of us has to wander down the hall to reduce noise.

My new coworker is demanding more walking meetings

Can’t seem to get rid of these phantom email messages in iPadOS

Counterpart is one of my favourite TV shows over the past few years. So, great that ⁦‪The Incomprable podcast‬⁩ did an episode on the two seasons

Vacation has begun!

Early signs of spring

Chilly, but fun ⛷ 🥶

Moses Boyd’s Dark Matter has a great, diverse sound. Well worth a listen 🎶

Figured out how to turn on the fireplace at the rental and Lucy has a new favourite spot

She Has Her Mother’s Laugh by Carl Zimmer is a thorough, detailed, and fascinating book about heredity. I appreciated that Zimmer expanded heredity well beyond genes to make the important point that we inherit many things from our parents 📚

I’ve found mind maps really helpful recently and, so, enjoyed the Sweet Setup’s Mastering Mind Maps course. The course includes some helpful workflow examples and detailed videos on MindNode, my favoured mind mapping app.

Happy Darwin Day! I hope your day evolves in a way that optimizes your fitness 🐠🐢🦍😎🤖

A school strike is a great excuse to play video games with friends

A great sunny day for skiing

As a lapsed academic scientist, I really appreciate the courage that Laskowski shows here in both retracting several papers and explaining what went wrong.

Science is built on trust. Trust that your experiments will work. Trust in your collaborators to pull their weight. But most importantly, trust that the data we so painstakingly collect are accurate and as representative of the real world as they can be. And so when I realized that I could no longer trust the data that I had reported in some of my papers, I did what I think is the only correct course of action. I retracted them.

A nice perk of the rental house is the much larger backyard. Certainly good for the dog.

We’re moving out for a big renovation. So, let the kids draw on the wall and smash it with a hammer.