Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker is fascinating and concerning. I knew sleep was important, but not that it is so essential to health, memory, and learning. I’ve been falling short of my 8 hour target for a while now and am definitely motivated to reprioritize sleep again 📚

Conscious by Annaka Harris is a fascinating overview of the science of this mysterious process. Her description of panpsychism was particularly intriguing 📚

The Good Place is a fun, clever show, once you get past the first few episodes 📺

The Bayern Agenda by Dan Moren is a fun sci-fi espionage story. Well worth a read 📚

The Red Rising sci-fi trilogy is solid, page-turning entertainment. Nothing high-concept and sometimes that’s all you want 📚

Visitors Day at Kilcoo

Off to camp for a month!

High school is next!

Fun visit with Great Grandma

This CBC story is disheartening:

while nearly two-thirds of Canadians see fighting climate change as a top priority, half of those surveyed would not shell out more than $100 per year in taxes to prevent climate change, the equivalent of less than $9 a month