We often think of fungi or other microbes as not particularly intelligent. This study goes to show that across these networks, one of the reasons they can be so successful is that they can make what seem to be fairly sophisticated decisions about where to allocate resources to optimize the return they get.

Soil’s Microbial Market Shows the Ruthless Side of Forests

My vacation transition in Screen Time:

  1. Reading on the dock Thursday and Friday
  2. Starting to pack on Saturday and traveling on Sunday
  3. Then Monday catching up at home on lots of email, upcoming meetings, and tasks
  4. Followed by Tuesday and Wednesday going to meetings in the office

Go Karts!

Waiting for the thunderstorms to pass ⛈

Admittedly I didn’t have high expectations, but the First Formic War series from Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston is pretty good. Not as sophisticated as the original Ender’s War series, though well worth a vacation read 📚

Paddle boat for three

Another great @highlandyardrace, in support of Places for People. An extra thanks to @boshkungbrewing for the refreshing, post-race beer

Chips in the paddle boat

Lucy the lifeguard