This new song from Jack White will wake you up 🎸πŸ₯

Remarkable, scientists have measured time dilation in a cloud of atoms and found that the time experienced by the atoms at the top of the cloud is 0.00000000000000001% shorter than the time experienced by those at the bottom. Such precision!

Day 28: Underneath πŸ“·

The first two episodes of Invasion on AppleTV+ are intriguing

Day 27: Chaos of a toddler. This is how I found him one morning πŸ“·

Day 26: Bliss for me is the family relaxing on a dock, reading books, during summer vacations πŸ“·

Day 25: Gravity πŸ“·

Day 24: So many connections. I have to admit that I’m surprised it actually works πŸ“·

Although I’m generally aligned with longtermism, this essay in Aeon points out important (if slightly hyperbolic) tradeoffs that have to be considered. As with so many things, we need to find ways to fix today’s problems while also keeping an eye on the future

Great weather for apple picking 🍎

Day 23: Lots of meaning to discern when playing Codenames πŸ“·

Murderbot is one of my favourite characters from the past couple of years. So, this origin story from Martha Wells was fun to read

Day 22: Having a rest with friends πŸ“·

Day 21: An impressive space at the foot of a mountain πŸ“·

Day 20: I’m looking forward to resuming winter sports πŸ“·

Day 19: Mirror in a lake πŸ“·

Morning arising πŸ“·

Day 18: Lucy is finished for the day πŸ“·

Day 17: No need for a compass when hiking in the city, just follow the sound of traffic πŸ“·

Day 16: Rotation πŸ“·

Day 15: Ethereal πŸ“·

Day 14: My favourite wheels as a kid πŸ“·

Day 13: Lucy is a couch animal πŸ“·

Day 12: Rock legends πŸ“·

Day 11: Hygge πŸ“·