Currently reading: The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato 📚

I’m catching up on 20 Macs for 2020 and just listened to the episode on the iMac G4. Brought back vivid memories of two intense months of finishing the writing of my thesis. I was sequestered in a small room with the lab’s iMac G4 and still remember how great it was to be able to move the screen around so easily. Super helpful when sitting at a desk typing for hours on end.

This video from Matt Parker on Excel is fantastic. Be sure to keep an eye on the chyron

MindNode is the best mind mapping app for iOS

Continuing my plan to update App Store reviews for my favourite apps, up next is MindNode.

MindNode is indispensable to my workflow. My main use for it is in tracking all of my projects and tasks, supported by MindNode’s Reminders integration. I can see all of my projects, grouped by areas of focus, simultaneously which is great for weekly reviews and for prioritizing my work.

I’ve also found it really helpful for sketching out project plans. I can get ideas out of my head easily with quick entry and then drag and drop nodes to explore connections. Seeing connections among items and rearranging them really brings out the critical elements.

MindNode’s design is fantastic and the app makes it really easy to apply styles across nodes. The relatively recent addition of tags has been great too. Overall, one of my most used apps.

I’m really looking forward to the live album Tripping with Nils Frahm being released soon. I’m impressed with how well he can translate his studio albums into a solo live show 🎵

Learning that Growl is retiring after 17 years really reinforces the notion that the legacy of a good project is so much more than just the code and application #mbnov

As the COVID lockdown continues, I miss being a pedestrian in the city. There’s nowhere to go! #mbnov

I like the approach that Sean Carroll describes in this episode about being a science advisor for a movie. Rather than telling the director that their time travel theory is wrong, you treat the screenplay as data and concoct a theory to fit. Much better for collaboration.

We need a better system for our masks. We start the week off with a nice, clean stack and then they disperse all over the house throughout the week. We spend much of Sunday tracking them down and cleaning them. Only to start all over again #mbnov

I really like the imagery of the idiom “on the horns of a dilemma”, especially since it emphasizes the point that both choices are undesirable #mbnov

Taking a few minutes to listen to A Place by Nils Frahm really helped adjust my motivation to get back to work on a frustrating project #mbnov

I never want to answer a call from someone I don’t know. So, I really like the “silence unknown callers” feature in iOS #mbnov

In looking for a good use of provision, I found this song by Kevin Morby. Listening through his catalogue and enjoying the mellow mood #mbnov 🎵 🎧

Currently reading: The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday 📚

DayOne continues to be an excellent way to capture my daily thoughts. Documenting each day’s achievements has really helped me keep momentum on projects #mbnov

I wanted to avoid using the word border in a political context and was reminded how much I enjoyed Borderline by Mishell Baker #mbnov 📚

Winter is coming #mbnov

Well, if you worried that AC/DC was going to fade away, they’re back with a new album that rocks out as much as any of their other albums #mbnov…

Feeling nostalgic, thanks to NPR Tiny Desk Concerts releasing this Yo La Tengo show from their archives

I’m fascinated that it’s possible to figure out how many regular polytopes there are and I have Milo Beckman to thank for putting together these great videos #mbnov

I quite like my dependence on a morning coffee and the ritual of making it #mbnov

Oops, need to train myself to actually post my #mbnov content on the right day

A fun memory from last year. I look forward to when we can gather as a family again #mbnov

I really enjoyed To Be Taught If Fortunate by Becky Chambers. A little jewel of a space exploration story that really captures the spirit of scientific exploration 📚

Lucy likes to supervise breakfast