Well that was “fun”! The Muskoka Ironman 70.3 was very well organized with great volunteers and an excited crowd of spectators.

Auto-generated description: A map displays a triathlon route in the Huntsville area with details on distance (112.66 km), time (5 hours 34 minutes), and calories burned (5,236 kcal).

I was within a few minutes of last year which I’m very happy with, considering the interruptions to my training with a trip to Portugal and introduction of a new puppy (neither of which I regret).

Not much new to report, relative to last year, in terms of the course. Still super hilly and challenging with some great views of the Canadian Shield. Given the challenges of the run, in particular, I don’t think I’d recommend this as a first 70.3. Definitely should be on anyone’s list that is looking for additional courses though.

As always, a huge thank you to my wife for her continued support and excellent race crewing. And thanks to the One Academy crew for all of the training hours together. These races are not a solo effort.

Auto-generated description: A man wearing blue finisher merchandise poses with his bicycle after completing an Ironman 70.3 triathlon event, with spectators in the background.