The second half of our Portugal trip was fun too. We stayed in SΓ£o Vicente, to the east of the historical core. Lisbon is certainly bigger than Porto, so we used the transit system much more extensively and the Lisbon cards came in really handy with their access to transit and attraction discounts

A serene street at dusk with row buildings on each side and parked cars, leading to a sunset-tinted sky. A tree-lined street descends between urban buildings under a clear blue sky. Parked cars and scooters line either side, while a few vehicles navigate the road. Three people pose smiling together in a sunny square with historical buildings and a statue in the background.

Castelo de SΓ£o Jorge offered some great views of the city, after a pretty steep hike.

Three people pose smiling against an expansive view of a sunlit cityscape with a bridge and water in the background. A smiling person leans against a colorful mural of a fish; urban setting with cobblestones and benches.

A sailboat tour was a great way to see the city, especially since it included beer.

Sailboats glide across glittering water with a sun low in the blue sky, viewed from a boat with a visible cable and part of a person's head. A monument featuring sculptural figures ascending along its edge, stands beside a marina with boats, under a clear blue sky. A person with sunglasses is sitting on a boat, relaxed, with a sunset and shimmering water in the background.

The JerΓ³nimos Monastery was a highlight.

A Gothic monastery stands under a clear blue sky, with visitors queuing outside, set against a backdrop of well-kept green lawns. Ornate cloisters with gothic arches and detailed carvings, illuminated by sunlight, against a clear blue sky.

As was the Oceanarium.

Three individuals pose in front of an aquarium with various fish and underwater flora, giving a sense of a leisure visit to a marine exhibit.

Along with great food and drink

Two smiling individuals are seated, toasting with glasses, in a cafe; a street view with buildings is visible through the window behind them. Four people are taking a selfie, smiling closely together, iron railing and lights in the background.