Seed set of dichogamous plants


  • These data are the average seed set estimates for dichogamous and adichogamous Chamerion angustifolium at different inflorescence sizes.


  • maternalID: Identification code for the maternal plant (i.e., grandmother of the counted seeds).
  • individualID: Identification code of the plant.
  • array#: The array identification number.
  • dichogamyType: Indicates if the plant was dichogamous.
  • flowerPosition: Flowers were sampled from either the bottom or top of the inflorescence.
  • inflorescenceSize: The number of open flowers on each plant in the array.
  • seedCount: Number of full seeds
  • notSeedCount: Number of aborted seeds


  • Routley, M.B. & B.C. Husband. 2003. The effect of protandry on siring success in Chamerion angustifolium (Onagraceae) with different inflorescence sizes. Evolution, 57: 240-248 PubMed PDF

Download: SeedSetData.txt