Siring success of dichogamous plants


  • These data are the average siring-success estimates for dichogamous and adichogamous Chamerion angustifolium. Siring success is estimated from the proportion of heterozygous progeny produced at the PGI locus. Dichogamy classes were homozygous for alternate PGI alleles, so that heterozygous progeny represent interclass pollen transfer.


  • Array: The array identification number.
  • DichogamyType: The dichogamy status of the plants in the array.
  • FlowerSize: The number of open flowers on each plant in the array.
  • ProportionHeterozygousProgeny: The ratio of heterozygous to homozygous progeny at the PGI locus.


  • Routley, M.B. & B.C. Husband. 2003. The effect of protandry on siring success in Chamerion angustifolium (Onagraceae) with different inflorescence sizes. Evolution, 57: 240-248 PubMed ProtandryDiscounting.pdf