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  • @johnbrayton I just replaced an 11 with the 13 mini and am really happy with the size and feel too. Though, I'll admit that I'm biased towards having less stuff in my pockets

  • @nghialele the song is used really well in the show. Definitely emphasizes the emotions

  • @AndyNicolaides every year I vow to resist. Every year my resolve fails

  • @renevanbelzen thanks! Yeah, by the time I get on the bike, the dizziness is gone. Otherwise I'd have to quit. Can't ride a bike without balance!

    I think I need to practice by jumping out of the pool at the end of each interval during training. Something about the change in blood pressure from swimming horizontally to standing up is causing the problem

  • @ericmwalk they have relays! You'd just need to find someone willing to only do the swim

  • @renevanbelzen well done! Too bad about the fall, but seems like you recovered well

  • @ericmwalk thanks! Yes, tomorrow.

    The swim is definitely most people’s least favourite. I actually enjoy that part

  • @ablerism nice! I’ve been a fan for a long time, but have never seen a live show

  • @AndyNicolaides iCloud for me, now that it has custom domains. My needs are modest though.

    I’ve found it very reliable and easy to set up. The random address feature is nice too for mailing lists and temporary emails

  • @martinfeld thanks for the suggestion!

  • @agilelisa one of my favourite apps! Helps keep me from over exerting myself and getting injured

  • @pratik fantastic!

  • @martinfeld I do now. Previously I only had the work number which I used for everything. Interesting idea about the eSIM. I’d likely need to negotiate that through our IT department. Worth trying though

  • @mandaris nor should you!

  • @UndamnedOne uh oh!

  • @Parag amazing how the spacecraft keeps going and making discoveries

  • @BenSouthwood took several days to get used to, having switched from an SE. I β€œneeded” the extra battery life for my triathlon training. Now that I have it, I really appreciate the larger screen and action button

  • @Denny nice! Great to see these

  • @petebrown totally agree, especially with the "reassuring me that my music is cool" part. I went down a rabbit hole of watching reactions to Rush songs for a while. I've now banned these sorts of videos from my queue as briefly entertaining, but ultimately, a waste of my time

  • @renevanbelzen recovery is certainly important! I'm still trying to build a strong cardio base for some upcoming races. I need to mix in lots of stretching and massage to keep everything healthy

  • @KimberlyHirsh DS9 is great! A really satisfying story arc

  • @BenSouthwood we're in on the family plan, mostly for the increased iCloud storage and Apple Music. Once we got it, I found the TV content really compelling too. We use News and Fitness, but only because they're included, not because we really need them

  • @tkoola Quirks and Quarks for me, since 2005!

  • @Munish I use the β€œ5 minute PM” one for a daily summary. It includes 3 things I did in the day, how I could have made the day better, and what I was grateful for.

  • @ridwan I'm pretty comfortable with them, especially since the entries are end-to-end encrypted. That said, I do backup my DayOne entries every month, just in case.