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Information Consulting Services



You know that the rigourous analysis of information is crucial to the success of your project. You also know that there is a wealth of technology to help you maintain and analyse your information. But, how do you take advantage of the tools available when you’re too busy with your other commitments to learn about information analysis and technology?

I provide a suite of services, backed by a decades of experience, that will help you to collect, manage, analyse and present your insights. I offer free, introductory consultations to determine how I can best customize my services to meet your needs.

I believe analysing information should not obscure its value. Information should be easy to maintain and easy to access. Simple analyses are understandable and actionable. Unnecessary complexity may look impressive, but serves only to slow you down.

What are you waiting for?

Data Collection and Management

Data collection and management is the fundamental resource that provides you with valuable information. I offer the following services for your data needs.

  • Collection: Whether it’s web-based RSS feeds, customer questionnaires, or trips to the local library, I will design and implement a strategy for finding the data you need.
  • Storage: Dusty file folders are not the way to store information. I will construct digital storage schemes based on the best technology, ensuring that your information stays accurate and accessible.
  • Maintenance: Information should be collected and used. Active maintenance is the best strategy for ensuring the on-going relevance and value of your information. I will convert legacy data into easy-to-use and accurate formats.

Data Analysis

The analysis of information is the most important service you need, as good analysis is where the real value of your information is realized. Here’s how I can help:

  • Problem Identification: Ongoing processes need to be evaluated to ensure that they are operating effectively. I will help you monitor and evaluate data to ensure early problem detection.
  • Predicting: We often collect data about the past in order to predict the future. I will construct and evaluate predictive models with your data, which can form the foundation for action.
  • Pattern detection: In the early stages of a project, simple graphs and summaries of collected data are crucial. I will uncover the important patterns in your data.
  • Experimental design: The most efficient and reliable method for linking cause and effect is an experiment. I have extensive experience with experimental design and implementation that I will apply to your project.

Presentation of Results

Even the best and most exciting analyses needs to be presented clearly and effectively in books and articles, on the internet, or at conferences. I have the experience to deliver compelling presentations that harness the crucial components of your information.

  • Document preparation: Your primary concern is content. I utilize a collection of technologies to convert your ideas into well produced documents with consistent and compelling style.
  • The web: The great promise of the web is interaction. I can design your web presence with the latest in internet technology for communication and collaboration.
  • Diagrams: Why devote pages of content to text when a well designed diagram makes a stronger statement? I will produce simple and effective diagrams of my information analyses that you can use in your presentations.


My skills and expertise will allow you to get the most out of your research and will make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Contact me today for your free consultation.