As predicted, after a couple of months with the Apple Podcasts app, I’m back to Overcast.

I think that Apple’s Podcasts app is great for anyone new to podcasts, given it has a strong focus on discovering new shows. I’m looking for a podcast app that simply plays my carefully curated, short list of podcasts. With Apple Podcasts, I kept finding new episodes of shows I didn’t intend to subscribe to in my queue.

Adding in the nice audio features in Overcast that boosts voices and trims silences, makes Overcast the right app for me.

Of course, having just made this decision and rebuilt my Overcast subscriptions, I see that Apple has now integrated Apple Music into their Podcasts app. Better ways of managing radio episodes in Apple Music is on my list of features I’d like to see. So, looks like I’m not actually settled on a podcasts app yet, which was a silly hope anyway.