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Emacs Installation on Windows XP

I spend a fair bit of time with a locked-down Windows XP machine. Fortunately, I’m able to install Emacs which provides capabilities that I find quite helpful. I’ve had to reinstall Emacs a few times now. So, for my own benefit (and perhaps your’s) here are the steps I follow:

  1. Download EmacsW32 patched and install in my user directory under Apps

    Available from

  2. Set the environment variable for HOME to my user directory

    Right click on My Computer, select the Advanced tab, and then Environment Variables.

    Add a new variable and set Variable name to HOME and Variable value to C:\Documents and Settings\my_user_directory

  3. Download technomancy’s Emacs Starter Kit

    Available from

    Extract archive into .emacs_d in %HOME%

    Copy my specific emacs settings into .emacs_d\my_user_name.el