Yahoo Pipes and the Globe and Mail

Most of my updates arrive through feeds to NetNewsWire. Since my main source of national news and analysis is the Globe and Mail, I’m quite happy that they provide many feeds for accessing their content. The problem is that many news stories are duplicated across these feeds. Furthermore, tracking all of the feeds of interest is challenging.

The new Yahoo Pipes offer a solution to these problems. Without providing too much detail, pipes are a way to filter, connect, and generally mash-up the web with a straightforward interface. I’ve used this service to collect all of the Globe and Mail feeds of interest, filter out the duplicates, and produce a feed I can subscribe to. Nothing fancy, but quite useful. The pipe is publicly available and if you don’t agree with my choice of news feeds, you are free to clone mine and create your own. There are plenty of other pipes available, so take a look to see if anything looks useful to you. Even better, create your own.

If you really want those details, Tim O'Reilly has plenty.