Intelligent design in the classroom

Now that intelligent design is back in the Canadian news, we should consider (again!) the consequences of teaching intelligent design in the classroom.

Intelligent design makes two postulates:

  1. Complexity cannot be explained by science.

  2. Given 1, complexity comes from an intelligent designer.

Now, consider a science exam in any subject and the danger of intelligent design being taught in school becomes apparent.

  • Physics question: Why does the earth orbit the sun?

    ID answer: Because of the unnamed intelligence.

    Science answer: General relativity.

  • Geology question: What creates mountains?

    ID answer: The unnamed intelligence.

    Science answer: Plate tectonics

  • Biology question: Why are all species on Earth connected through common descent?

    ID answer: The unnamed intelligence did it.

    Science answer: Evolution.

Don’t be fooled that the creationist agenda ends with biology. They intend to reduce science education to: That’s really complicated; God did it.