Now that intelligent design is back in the Canadian news, we should consider (again!) the consequences of teaching intelligent design in the classroom.

Intelligent design makes two postulates:

  1. Complexity cannot be explained by science.

  2. Given 1, complexity comes from an intelligent designer.

Now, consider a science exam in any subject and the danger of intelligent design being taught in school becomes apparent.

  • Physics question: Why does the earth orbit the sun?

    ID answer: Because of the unnamed intelligence.

    Science answer: General relativity.

  • Geology question: What creates mountains?

    ID answer: The unnamed intelligence.

    Science answer: Plate tectonics

  • Biology question: Why are all species on Earth connected through common descent?

    ID answer: The unnamed intelligence did it.

    Science answer: Evolution.

Don’t be fooled that the creationist agenda ends with biology. They intend to reduce science education to: That’s really complicated; God did it.